Latest Etisalat 460mb for #50 Daily On Psiphon

and costs N50 daily or N150 weekly. 
To opt for chat pak, dial *343*5*5# for daily or
*343*5*6# for weekly. You can as well send chat2 to 343 for daily and chat3 to
343 for weekly to opt in by SMS. After dialling or sending the code 100naira or
50naira will be deducted successfully. 
So why I am putting this two amounts together
(N100 and 50naira ) is because the 100naira own is more faster than the 50naira
in a high speed while using Psiphon vpn to boost it on all applications and all
How to connect your etisalat chat Pak Subscription
plan to psiphon vpn for the data browsing Firstly, install and download Psiphon
vpn here on your phone or device then launch it and configure it like this
» APN: etisalat 
» Proxy: 
» Port: 8080 or 
» APN: etisalat 
» Proxy: 
» Port: 8080 
» Save And Activate it. 
Then Launch Psiphon Handler, in the handler
» Proxy type: Real Host » Proxy server: 
» Real Proxy type: DIRECT 
» Real Proxy server: 
» Real Proxy port: 3128 
» Select save and click on “ tunnel whole device
”. Click on the option tab 
» Region: select, USA or any other server 
» Select more option 
» Check “ Connect through an HTTP Pro ” then
select “ Use the following settings: ” then configure as. 
» Host address: 
» Port: 3128 for etisalat 0.0k for psiphon
handler mobile settings name:etisalat

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