7 Tips to Make More Money with Your Blog in 2018

Blogging has become an integral part of marketing and a very infamous way of earning. Who doesn’t like sitting at home and working as and when they please? Well, as nice and cosy as it seems, you just don’t get paid for having a blog. A considerable amount of work and time is needed in order to bring your blog to a payable position. Get the entrepreneur out and let the blogger take a back seat for a while.

Advertising spaces:

One of the most basic approaches to making money online is advertising. The more the movement as much it attracts crowd and you are probable of getting advertising organizations. No one invests on advertising with someone with a low following. If this method works out well for you can also advertise your own products and ideas. Considering the fact that you have more options to profit, the advertising space can be put to use for self-publicity reasons too. It’s proven that marketing your own products earns a better profit than selling advertisements. If you want to cut yourself some slack on taxes, you can also use calculators for small businesses.

Email Subscriptions:

With so many blogs to compete with and create a rock bottom for your blogging business, it’s very important for you to be able to gain trust. You start with setting up a blog, focus on content that creates traffic or attracts crowd and give email subscriptions for free. This creates a niche for you.

Know what people want:

This is one of the most important aspects. You must know what you want to write about and is it something that’s getting you good traffic. Creating a niche is an important part of being able to earn through blogging. The more the traffic at your blog, the more crowd it attracts and other dimensions come into action.

Affiliate marketing:

Instead of waiting for your product to advertise you can take up other products and do affiliate marketing, where you can get a good commission without having to invest anything. The commission can go up to 50% and more and is very worthwhile.

everse Sales Funnel:

It’s a tried and trusted marketing strategy. Instead of starting with a cheaper product, start selling the more expensive and then unfold your sleeves, giving away the cheaper ones later. Sales funnels are currently being used by many of these top bloggers who are converting their regular site readers into high-value leads and sales.

Membership Sites:

This can actually help you increase traffic at your site. If you offer email subscriptions, download options or providing free content. After a couple of times you can charge them for customized content, exclusive for the person who ordered. This might not hit it at the begging but is an amazing idea as everyone needs academic articles, essays etc.


If you think that you cannot get through with the above mentioned steps, go for freelancing. Almost every MNC or online merchandise store has a blogging section in their websites and are always on a lookout for writers, content developers and advertisers. Grab the chance and sit at home making money.

f you ever wanted to make money with a website or blog of your own, these are just a few of the most effective ways for you to get started. Google Adsense and affiliate marketing are two of the most effective forms of revenue generation, as they don’t require any upfront costs or have the need to hold inventory of process orders for your customers and site visitors.


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